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Pilates for Children

During Olive's (MA) studies in Health Science childrens lifestyle has become more sedentary according to the World Health Organisation.

If you are looking for some fun and exciting ways to incorporate physical exercise into your child’s daily routine, Pilates may be the answer.

Pilates is a safe and low impact workout that can work wonders for your child’s fitness. It is a complete body conditioning routine that helps to build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination without adding any muscle bulk. Here are some of the benefits of Pilates for Children.

Increased Flexibility
Children need to be flexible to perform various physical activities like ballet, gymnastics, etc. The poses in Pilates help to keep a child’s muscle and tendons limber. Kids who follow this exercise regime are way more healthier.

Improved Concentration
While performing the Pilates postures your child will need to focus on one part of his body. Pilates can help your child improve his concentration that will boost their performance in both academics and sports.

Helps Strengthen The Muscles
The controlled movements in Pilates improve blood circulation and strengthen the body’s core muscles. A strong core or trunk helps a child conserve their energy and be more attentive to their school work. Pilates also helps tone the body and improve athletic performance.

Corrects The Posture
Kids these days are glued to their television and computer screens for long hours, which adversely affect their posture. It also leads to recurrent back problems during adulthood. Kids who do Pilates regularly have a better posture and are less prone to injury. They also have better spinal alignment.


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