Pilates for Athletes

Olive has experience of being involved in Athletics throughout here life, from participating in Pentathlons, Triathlons, Half Marathons and 10ks, both nationally and internationally across the world. Along the way Olive picked up injuries and from this became aware of the benefits of Pilates. She learned how Pilates is a great tool to assist, or accelerate a physiotherapy program when coming back from an injury. The Pilates method Olive Keyes delivers focuses on engaging the deep core muscles by engaging in Pilates core exercises regularly. Athletes will create better movement patterns and decrease the chance of re-aggravating old injuries along with preventing new ones. Not only that, but Pilates is used among athletes to help achieve optimal performance and get the most out of their bodies.

So with that in mind, whether you’re just a leisure athlete, or a professional athlete, consider Pilates Olive Keys as an option for injury prevention, injury rehabilitation or improved performance.

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