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"Finding the right Pilates class was my priority when I began to search the Internet for Pilates classes in the Athlone area. Came across Olives website and sent a message, within a half hour Olive contacted me. I found Olive very easy to talk to and explain exactly what I was looking for in a Pilates class. Class times and location suited me perfect. Olives class numbers are kept to a minimum which is a great advantage when it comes to monitoring the correct moves and positions. A nice friendly atmosphere during the class with plenty of encouragement from Olive. Olive has a nice way of gently getting you into a routine of doing exercises and moves that you would never have dreamed of doing, if you had not started Pilates. Knowing the benefits of Pilates for the last fifteen years and realising that there can be such a variation in class standards depending on the instructor, I know I have found a top class instructor here in Olive. The core work, stretching, balance, flexibility and relaxation I find are essential to maintain a good fitness level. Thanks Olive."

Thomas Murphy

"This time last year I got devastating news, but thankfully all worked out good. As a result of major surgery I needed to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. So it was recommended that I do Pilates, I got in touch with Olive and started a few weeks ago and the results were amazing. Thanks Olive for a fabulous course that was very well presented".

John O'Brien

"Loved Olive's Classes. As a trainee instructor it was great of Olive to allow me to partake in her classes allowing me to learn from a true professional. Her skill level and attention to detail was fantastic, interaction with her clients of all levels was second to none
Thank you Olive for a great introduction to what will hopefully be a great career in Pilates."

Ethel Wallace

"I would recommend these classes highly as both structured and enjoyable. Olive clearly knows and understands her subject and is an excellent communicator and is very encouraging to all. I find that despite longstanding back pain from failed surgery her classes are manageable and have not aggravated the pain. I suspect that with time (I have only had five classes) the increased suppleness and strength ,particularly in the abdominal muscles, will reduce the discomfort. I intend to continue indefinitely."

Dr. Mark McCormick

"My name is Belinda Murray and I'm a Pilates instructor teaching in Perth currently home for the summer months. I attended Olive Keyes Pilates class tonight in Tober with my sister and I found it was absolutely amazing. Her teaching techniques are incredible and her class is enjoyable and you really feel the burn. Since I've come home I've been around to a few different Pilates classes and I highly recommend attending Olives Pilates class for really targeting those muscles in a safe and controlled manner. The meditation at the end of class left me feeling relaxed and full of positivity. She really brought me back to the beaches in Perth. She caters for all levels so don't worry beginners she will look after you."

Belinda Murray

"5 weeks ago I decided to take up Pilates with olive Keyes in tuber to see what it was all about I have had trouble with my back for years and I have to say from the first minute I started olive was brilliant talking you through everything and always pushing you in the right direction and she explained everything to you and now I would not miss a class now and starting to get a bit more pain relief for the class. So if you have back pain or need to build up your core muscles give olives classes a go you will not regret it."

Gerry McGuiness

"Bit reluctant to attend first class at start but glad I stuck with it. Can feel improvement from old rugby injury and lower back ache. Olive runs a very good class."

Declan Lally

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