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Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Pilates is an exercise routine that naturally fits well with rehabilitation and physical therapy techniques. Many therapists have seen success using the program. The program strengthens the intricate, smaller muscles and the larger ones, too.

Pilates has its basis in rehabilitation. Joseph Pilates developed the core exercises as a World War I prisoner on the Isle of Man. His routines helped rehabilitate injured and sick people. In his New York City studio, Pilates and his wife helped dancers recover from their injuries. These performers included

Carola Trier, Ron Fletcher, and Eve Gentry.

Many physical therapists use Pilates because it provides patients with the following benefits.

 •  The exercises provide an increased degree of flexibility than most conventional forms of physical therapy.
 •  Physical therapists can modify the exercises, and they will still be effective. These movements are better than conventional therapy. Traditional treatments use  

    exercises that may be too difficult or painful for patients to tolerate.
 •  Professionals can prescribe beginning to advanced movements. It depends on the severity of the patient’s injuries, and how much the person needs to progress.
 •  Some professionals use the entire philosophy of Pilates in their PT practice. Others only use a limited amount of Pilates along with a traditional approach to

    physical therapy. The founder designed Pilates equipment to increase a person’s range of motion they couldn’t do against gravity.

A comprehensive Pilates class will improve a person’s quality of life. Pilates Olive Keyes also caters for a wide variety of challenges such as:

Neck & Back Pain/ Pathologies

Spinal Injuries / Back Injuries

Hip / Joint Problems

Pre / Post Surgery
Joint, muscle and postural issues
Weight Loss
Pre/post natal (e.g. c. section, Diastasis Recti)

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