Pilates for Men

Having a history of training Men with a background in the Irish Defence Forces and being a previous Athlete, Pilates Olive Keyes knows all too well the rigorous training involved and injuries that can follow, this is what makes Pilates Olive Keyes teaching methods for men different,  in that she delivers a system that she mastered and developed herself. See all the testimonials of the various, Teams, Groups and Individuals who've attended her classes and photos in the gallery.

Pilates was developed by a man, the late Joseph Pilates initially for men. He was interned on the Isle of Man during World War I, all of the students he taught were men. 

During his early days as a teacher in New York most of his clients were men, many of them were boxers, wrestlers and skiers. Pilates has developed over the years as a means of training for many top athletes whether they are male or female. The belief that it is a woman’s exercise has meant men are less likely to try it. Thankfully it does seem that in the last few years this trend has reversed, many more men are realising benefits of Pilates.

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